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The purpose of a MacPherson strut, much like a shock absorber, is to dampen harsh spring movement and provide a means of dissipating the motion of the wheels. Unbolt the upper control arm at the cam bolts. I remove the tie rod end first to allow the spindle knuckle to easily move around during disassembly. The lower control arm and strut rod go in together. The press is used to push the rubber out with a sleeve placed on the lower part of the control arm to receive the bushing.

The upper arm's ball joint stud goes through the knuckle and is fastened with a nut, washer, and cotter pin. With the spring compressed, unscrew the fork cap from the damper rod. Before compressing the spring, I removed the sway bar. To my surprise, the only bushings that required replacement were the strut rod bushings.

Once the vehicle is raised, and the wheel, brake caliper, brake caliper mount, brake rotor, and any other obstacles are removed, a safety chain is placed through the coil spring, and lower control arm, ensuring the spring can not take flight if stress is relieved suddenly.

The reason I know the spring still has tension is when that ball joint was separated, another 2-inch violent jerk downward happened. Every Öhlins fork, shock absorber, steering damper or spring pre-load adjuster can be repaired. Those who have experienced the loss of a trailing arm bushing or complete loss of toe shims in a C2 or C3 know the feeling of rear steer.

The additional weight is the amount of overload on springs and rear axle. Start by loosening wheel bolts (steel wheels), lift chassis and set frame on jack stands, loosen knockoff (wire wheels), remove wheels. We have all the appropriate tools to do it properly without e.g. damaging your shock spring or fork top-caps.

That brings us to the replacement of the bushings and disassembly of the suspension. If you forget to remove them, the spring must be unloaded if the lower control arms have been removed. The bushings were in bad shape after more than a decade on the road, and the ball joints were loose and leaking.

The rear camber strut rod bushings wear the most due to their thin strip of rubber that wraps around the inner sleeve. For this reason, Strutmasters has put together Mercury Cougar videos to educate you, the customer, about your vehicle's suspension before you buy.

Information I have obtained from other 700 series owners is that replacement of the strut rod bushings is almost Suspension Disassembly a certainty. The average cost for a Suspension Coil Spring Replacement is between $583 and $700 but can vary from car to car. Before painting, I had to drill the holes on the upper control arm where the ball joint rivets once were.

On a car having service miles the rear spring trim dimensions shown at A” in figure 6-24 should be within the following limits, with car at curb weight. 25 Once the bushing holder is torqued, you can grease the piston band on the cartridge rod before sliding it up into the cartridge body.

In 1951 Buick rear shock absorbers, the cover or gasket, rebound and compression valves, valve nuts and gaskets may be replaced with ordinary hand tools. The spindle rods can be removed completely with the spindle knuckle assembly in the car, but they must be supported. Do not rely on the brake hoses and parking brake cables to hold them in place.

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